Letter to the Editor

To the Editor,

I wonder if God ever gets tired of or even angry with us when "thoughts and prayers" are used as an excuse to continue the support and worship of bloody, death-glorifying idols He so adamantly hates and despises?

Or us using "thoughts and prayers" in an attempt to pacify victims of church-related sexual assault or abuse while doing nothing to seek justice against their aggressors?

Or how does He feel when we are so passionate for the souls we have not seen who are yet to be born, but yet we prejudicially cast aside the souls among us who are different; be it color, race, creed, biology, religion, disability, lifestyle, or economic status?

Or does it upset Him when those who claim Him as Lord bear false witness against others in the name of politics; and the lies that are espoused and the conspiracy theories perpetuated do so much harm that when it finally comes to sharing the truth of the good news of Jesus Christ, no one will believe us?

God, through his infinite grace and mercy, still continues to empower us to do the right thing.

Lord forgive us for allowing pride and greed to ensnare us and to keep us from your divinely ordained empowerment.

And may those dark forces of pride and greed that are shrouded in "thoughts and prayers," evolve to "justice, humility, civility, and victory. "

And to those of us who view "thoughts and prayers" as more than just a pacifying phrase, may we continue to seek solutions through prayer as genuine, authentic prayer is a powerful weapon in this battle.

Sweet Lord Jesus. Please send a revival, and let it begin with me.


Walter Kevin Earl James

Pflugerville and formerly Greenville

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