We at the Herald-Banner are issuing a challenge to the community. We want you to give to help others. This isn’t a new concept or one created by us, but it’s one we all need to be a part of. And why not, we all feel better when we do.

The Herald-Banner created its annual food drive in 2004 and now partners with FISH Ministries and the community to raise thousands of pounds of food each year.

But that’s not enough. We have so many families hurting and struggling in Hunt County. They all need our help. And we’re asking you to help us do that.

Last year, we raised more than 107,000 pounds of food. This year, our goal is 110,000.

“Our community is amazing at taking care of its people, which is a big reason this is a great place to live,” Herald-Banner Publisher Lisa Chappell said in a story published this week. “The Herald-Banner started this food drive 15 years ago and every year this community gives more than the previous year. The need is greater today in Hunt County than it has ever been and FISH Ministries needs our help. I do not doubt that we will all come together again this year and meet our goal of 110,000 pounds of food. Please give today and spread the word, challenge your family and friends to do the same.”

We want to reiterate those comments.

Imagine if every person in Greenville and/or Hunt County capable of donating did so by giving just one item. How amazing would that be? And more amazing, can you imagine how many families it would help?

So, let’s make that a challenge for all of us. Everyone, if you feel able, bring one item to the Herald-Banner offices by Dec. 6. If you want to do more, then please do. And if you see fit to donate cash or a check, that’s even better. FISH can stretch every $1 into eight pounds of food or three nutritious meals because of their partnership with the North Texas Food Bank.

At some in most of our lives, we have all struggled or been in a precarious situation. Some times it’s financial. Some times it may be because of health reasons or an addiction. If you’ve ever been in that situation and survived to make a better life for yourself, then you know depression and how it can take a toll on you.

And more than likely, there were people, a business or an organization that helped you improve your situation. We say pay it forward and let’s all help anyone in that position this holiday season survive to see better days ahead.

Drop money in the Salvation Army bucket, purchase and donate a toy to Toys for Tots. Donate to our food drive. Do all of it if you have the means. If you can only do $1, then you’ve provided three meals to someone in need.

Giving is not about judgment. Leave the judgment to the man upstairs. This is about helping your fellow man and making Greenville and Hunt County a better place to live.

Our world is full of negativity and there is enough to go around. It’s time to look your neighbors in the eye, pick them up and help them any way you can.

If you find it in your heart to make a donation to our food drive in the form of food, cash or check, please do so. We would appreciate it so much. And so would those in need.

Thank you for your support.


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