truck in store

A truck was driven through the front of Flying L Beverages in Commerce Saturday night in an apparent accident.

A local store in Commerce saw its entrance smashed on Saturday night as a truck was driven through the front of the store in an apparent accident.

Commerce Police and Fire units were called out to Flying L Beverages at the intersection of Live Oak Street and State Highway 24 Saturday night as a white pickup truck plowed through the store's entrance.

Onlookers gathered around the store as the vehicle was pulled out of the storefront and onto a flatbed tow truck. The smell of burnt rubber filled the air around the store.

Bill Carr, who works at Flying L, says he was lucky to be grabbing a soda at the gas station next door when the accident occurred.

"That's where I stand if I had been in the store. I greet people as they come in," Carr said, pointing to a mangle of glass, metal and debris inside the front half of the store. "I had just stepped out to get a soda, and I heard a 'bang' and I turned around. The truck was in the store and the back wheels were spinning and spinning and smoke was pouring out."

Carr said that those nearby who first happened upon the accident could not initially get the driver out of the truck, as the remaining walls of the store entrance blocked the doors.

"My brother works next door. Somebody got a pipe and they couldn't break open the back window. My brother...broke the window with a bat and they were able to get the gentleman out."

Carr said the driver was an elderly man and a regular customer to the store, and believes the incident was accidental.

Carr's brother Mike was standing outside the store in front of the gas station when the incident occurred.

"The truck just jumped the curb and went through the front of the building. The tires were still spinning and smoke just kept pouring out," Mike Carr said. 

Police at the scene said that one individual, the driver of the vehicle, was transported to a local hospital. The condition of the driver was unknown as of Saturday night, and the police say that the incident is under investigation.

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