PJC hosts public hearing

Dr. Pam Anglin, President of Paris Junior College, addressed a group of Hunt County citizens at a public hearing Monday evening regarding the November 8th ballot proposal to include Hunt County in the PJC Tax District. Despite the heavy rain at meeting time a crowd of interested residents filled the double classroom facility at the PJC-Greenville Center campus.

Hunt County residents were addressed Monday at a public hearing for a proposal to include the county in the Paris Junior College tax district.

Led by Dr. Pam Anglin, president of Paris Junior College, the public hearing took place at the Greenville campus of PJC and provided an opportunity for residents to hear details on the proposal, which would go to public vote at the Nov. 8 election should it be approved.

“The proposal would be to add the entire area that we serve into the taxing district, which would include Hunt County,” Anglin said.

Currently, only the City of Paris, the Paris Independent School District and the former Cunningham school district, which is now a part of Prairiland, are included in the college’s tax district. Anglin said that inclusion into the tax district would come with a maximum $0.10 per $100 of property value increase to taxpayers in the county, but members would receive a number of benefits, as well.

“The people residing in Hunt County would get in-district tuition instead of out-of-district, and the difference there is $55 per hour instead of the current $100 per hour,” Anglin said. “Plus, it would ensure that Hunt County would have a community college long-term, and add workforce programs into Hunt County that would train individuals with workplace skills to work in the area.”

Career and technical education for high school students in the county could also be provided via dual-credit courses.

Currently five different counties are part of PJC’s service district, and all five would be included into the tax district should the measure pass the vote.

The college has until Aug. 22 to have the measure added to the Nov. ballot, but there are still more steps to take before then.

“We’ve done the legal requirements of the public hearings,” Anglin said. “The next step would be to go out into all the towns and communities that we serve and hold town hall meetings.”

If added into the tax district, the Paris Junior College Board of Regents would need to be reorganized and have seats redistributed to have Hunt County and the other new additions represented.

Paris Junior College has been in operation since 1924 and offers more than 40 courses of study for associates degrees or certifications. The Greenville Center for PJC is located at 6500 Monty Stratton Parkway

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