The North Hunt Special Utility District announced Friday afternoon that it was still having issues providing water to its customers:

"Due to conditions beyond our control, North Hunt SUD is not able to provide water to all of its customers.  The extreme conditions with electrical outages and loss of production has caused a tremedous loss of supply.  Everyone is currently working to repair any issues and return to normal as soon as possible.  We are currently being told it could be another 48 hours before services are restored.  We are asking when service is restored to please conserve water and follow the boil water notices until further notification.  We can not tell you enough how much we appreciate the hard work of the crews and the paitence and understanding by you as our customers.  Please know we have worked to do everything possible to return service and it just takes time.  I know you have patiently waited and we are asking for more time.  We can only provide water that is available to supply.  Thank you."

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