The North Hunt Special Utility District has advised it will be maintaining a boil water notice for its customers today:

"We just received word that the City of Commerce will be turning on the meters around 9 a.m.They finally have water in storage and they will monitor after they are turned on the meters to make sure the system is able to keep up with usage. We ask that you please still conserve as much as possible.

 The boil water notice is still in effect until the water is tested.  We also ask if you see any major water leaks to contact our office as soon as possible at 903-886-3458 or please email us through the website.  

I cannot say thank you enough for all of your patience.  I am so thankful to have a crew at North Hunt SUD that dedicates time to go above and beyond to keep the system running.  

Please know that if the system is not able to keep up then water could be shut off again but at this time it is my understanding they are confident they will be able to keep up with production and useage.  

Thank you

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