The reason why registered voters in Hunt County have yet to learn in which congressional or state legislature precinct they live in, is because state leaders still haven’t figured it out.

The previous voter registration certificates expired on December 31. The new ones still have yet to be mailed out, and won’t be until the dispute over redistricting is finally settled.

Texas Secretary of State Esperanza “Hope” Andrade issued a statement Tuesday, reminding voters the mailing of the new certificates had been delayed.

But Andrade also noted how only the cards expired, while voter registrations remain valid.

Voters, who are currently registered, but:

— Do not have any changes to their voter registration (i.e., haven’t moved or changed name), do not need to take any action, their cards will be automatically renewed.

— Remain in their county of registration but have changed residence address or name, will need to submit their updated information to their county voter registrar.

— Have changed their county of residence, will need to submit a new voter registration application no later than the 30th day before Election Day.

Once interim redistricting maps are approved and counties have the opportunity to finalize precinct lines, counties will mail new voter registration certificates to all registered voters.

Those needing more information can go online at, or call the Hunt County Voter Administration Office, 2217 Washington Street in downtown Greenville, at 903-454-5467.

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