The Greenville Independent School District Board of Trustees voted unanimously to deny a Level III Appeal regarding the district’s standardized dress code.

Dawn and Bruce Abbott, who have three children currently enrolled in GISD, filed a grievance against the district’s standardized dress code claiming it provides no relief for the family’s moral and religious beliefs.

“You cannot limit the rights of those parents with bona fide religious or philosophical objections,” Dawn Abbott told the board.

Abbott also said the district is ignoring her children’s beliefs and put a substantial burden on her family.

Superintendent Lloyd Graham told the board that as far as he knows, all of the Abbott children are currently abiding by the dress code.

An attorney speaking on behalf of the district told the board that the school district has the authority to pass a mandatory dress code because they are improving the education process and the policy is not designed to suppress speech.

“The purpose of the policy to build student self-esteem, to bridge socio-economic differences, and encourage positive behavior, thereby improving school safety and the learning environment. All students are required to comply with this policy daily,” he told the board.

After the board members considered both sides, they voted to unanimously uphold the earlier decisions of district officials during the Level I and Level II appeals process.

Abbott said she wasn’t surprised by the board’s decision to deny her petition.

“It’s pretty standard for districts to do this,” she said.

She said she plans to appeal the decision with the Texas Education Agency.