Some residents are crying “fowl.”

In fact some may even engage in “fowl” play.

But, its all in fun and all for a good cause during Sunday’s 2007 Kids Waterfowl Day.

The event, which will take place on Farm-to-Market 513 from 1 to 4 p.m., is designed to promote education about waterfowl.

Kids will learn duck calling techniques, hear from top waterfowling experts about waterfowl conservation efforts, see hunting dog demonstration efforts, and will have the opportunity to meet with game wardens, said Lone Oak resident Steve Barrett, the chapter president of the Lone Star Chapter of the Delta Waterfowl, the group that is sponsoring the event.

“It’s really as much to get kids introduced to the outdoors and get kids introduced to conservation (efforts),” Barrett said. “We have a couple of competition duck callers. They teach kids how to blow duck calls.”

Barrett said he expects between 80 and 100 kids and a “couple hundred people” at the third annual event, which is free and open to anyone, whether they like hunting or not.

“We cook ‘em up a bunch of hot dogs,” he said. “(The kids) love it. They absolutely love it.”

Throughout the day, there will be free raffles for the kids.

“Every kids ends leaving with something,” he said.

For more information contact Barrett at 903-634-3033 or visit

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