Whether cash or credit, paper or plastic, local merchants keep setting new records when it comes to generating revenue from sales taxes.

The City of Greenville has received a record amount of sales tax revenue for the month of November and will almost certainly set a new record for the fiscal year.

The Texas Comptroller’s Office reported Wednesday that the City of Greenville will receive a sales tax payment of $474,910.62 for the month of November, representing an increase of 6.11 percent from the $447,528.13 the city received during November, 2005.

With one month of sales tax payments still to be counted toward the 2005 fiscal year, the City of Greenville has received about $4.96 million in sales tax revenue, an increase of 4.54 percent from the $4.74 million the city had taken in through the same point one year ago.

The November sales tax rebate payments represent the city's portion of sales taxes collected at local merchants in September by monthly filers and during July, August and September by quarterly filers, which were reported to the Comptroller's office in October.

Sales taxes are one of the two main sources of revenue, along with property taxes, which feed the city's general fund.

A portion of sales tax revenue is also rededicated toward the 4A economic development corporation.

Next month's sales tax report will include the city's final numbers for the 2006 fiscal year and it would appear Greenville will top the record sales tax revenue totals seen in 2002.

The city received a total of $5.18 million for the 2002 fiscal year. Another $220,000 is needed next month to set a yearly record and the city received $378,000 in sales tax revenue in December, 2005.

The City of Greenville received almost $431,000 in sales tax revenue in November, 2004; $421,000 in sales tax revenue in November, 2003 and $459,000 in sales tax rebate revenue in November, 2002. In November, 2001, the city received approximately $403,000 in sales tax revenue; about $401,000 in 2000 and around $376,000 in sales tax rebates in 1999.

The City of Greenville had received $4.55 million in sales tax revenue through November, 2004; $4.46 million through November, 2003; $4.81 million through November, 2002; slightly more than $4.37 million through the same point in 2002; just over $4 million in rebates through November, 2000 and approximately $3.9 million through November, 1999.

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