Speaks to Rotary Club

Greenville Rotary Club President Debbie Sickels presented Lt. Colonel Allen West with a token of appreciation Wednesday, after West was the guest speaker during the club’s weekly luncheon.

The Greenville Rotary Club welcomed Lt. Col. Allen West as the guest speaker Wednesday and while West, an announced candidate who intends to seek the Republican Party nomination in the race for Texas Governor in 2022, did not specifically address the primary, he did touch on several topics which are likely to be hot button issues during the upcoming campaign.

West resigned earlier this month from his role as chairman of the Texas GOP and said the state and in turn the nation is being plagued by what he claimed was a “new Marxism” based not on a division of separation due to economic factors, but on race through the implementation of critical race theory.

“That ideology is even seeping into the United States military,” said West, arguing it is being adopted by members of school boards across the country.

“We’re talking about a war on parents,” he said. “School boards, that is where they determine curriculum, that’s where they determine what is taught to our children.”

West also highlighted the situation along the Texas/Mexico border and the dangers which are connected to allowing what he termed as a war being fought between rival drug cartels to continue spreading.

“We are watching the sovereignty of the state of Texas being destroyed,” he said. “We’re just sitting back and watching it happen.”

West criticized the more than 50 Texas House Democrats who left Monday for Washington, D.C., to deny the chamber a quorum as the legislature was meeting in special session to consider voting restrictions and other Republican priorities.

“What the Texas Democrats have done is a dereliction of duty,” West said as he proposed all of those who left should be stripped of their committee appointments. “You can easily state that these positions are vacant now and we’re going to have special elections.”

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