Family members and friends will gather around the table Thursday to pause and remember why they are thankful.

The Herald-Banner recently asked readers to list what makes Thanksgiving special for them, what they are looking forward to during the holiday and offer why they are thankful. As can be expected, several of the answers revolved around today’s menu:

For instance, Candyce Buck replied, “FOOD!”

Donna Doty Scoggins elaborated a bit.

“Food — the dressing,” Scoggins said. “Jeanna Petty makes the best! I love getting to eat it with her and her family.”

Both Connie G. Sparks and Kathy Young Brown said they were looking forward to having time with family during Thanksgiving.

Jennifer Creel shared many Thanksgiving memories.

“The Macy’s parade and seeing the Rockettes and the marching bands,” she said. “I’ve watched this every Thanksgiving since I was a kid and I’m 50-something. I miss smelling the turkey cooking in the roaster walking into my Mamaw’s house when I was a kid. I miss sitting sitting at their big dining table with all the places set.”

“Dinner at my Daddy’s house with all my extended family there,” said Neda Jumper.

“My husband’s family has a large reunion every Thanksgiving,” said Grace Brown. “It’s easily our favorite thing about the holiday.”

Pam Fite noted the holiday is all about family.

“Thanksgiving is for families to get together, share the day, eat the food made by everyone, listen to stories, carry on traditions from generations before, remember those who have gone on before, and make new traditions with new members of the family,” she said.

Thanksgiving is also Lana Barker Dollgener’s favorite holiday

“It’s all about the three F’s: Family, Food, and Football,” she said. “Who could ask for anything more?”

Shirley Burchett agrees.

“We are blessed that our family and my son in laws family take this day to sit down together and share this meal, making memories laughing together and just enjoying our day with our kids and grandkids and all other family who are able to join us,” she said. “Just one big happy family … Oh, and us all watching the big game together. Taking time to thank God for our many blessings.”

Sarah Smith’s Thanksgiving memories go back decades.

“When my dad was pastor at Kavanaugh United Methodist Church in the mid-1950s we had 14 people gathered around the table, laughing, enjoying the most delicious food prepared by loving hands, and just deeply loving every second,” Smith said. “My favorite part: going around the table with each person saying what they were thankful for; then my dad said the blessing. I was always thankful for family and the joys of a perfect love we shared. Oh how I miss those days. To all in my hometown Greenville … the happiest of Thanksgivings to you and your families and friends!”

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