Two Greenville Independent School District students were hit by a car and injured Thursday morning while waiting for a bus to take them to their elementary school.

There are some differences in the accounts offered by witnesses to the incident, including whether the driver fled the scene and whether the girls were standing in the street at the time.

District spokesperson Brad Press said the accident occurred at the corner of Wesley and Anderson Streets as the two girls were preparing to board a bus for Crockett Elementary School. The driver of the vehicle was reported to have clipped one of the girls with a rear view mirror, while hitting the other child directly.

“The driver got out, spoke with the girls and checked to see if they were OK,” Press said. “Then he got back in his car and left the scene.”

Press said witnesses described the girls as being on the curb at the time of the accident and that the vehicle went onto the sidewalk.

One of the girls was transported to the emergency room at Hunt Regional Healthcare Hospital in Greenville.

“Her injuries were not serious or life-threatening or anything like that,” Press said.

Officials with the Greenville Police Department said the driver did not leave the scene, but had turned a corner to contact authorities and waited until an officer arrived.

“He met his legal obligation,” said Police Chief Harold Roseberry.

The driver also told police the girls had stepped off the curb and were in the street as he was attempting to make a turn when the accident occurred.

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