Michael Chambers

The private investigator who has been involved with looking into the disappearance of Michael Lynn Chambers has scheduled another search for the missing retired firefighter.

But Phillip Klein with Klein investigations and Consulting, who has said he believes Chambers is no longer alive, is not releasing any details, yet, concerning the latest effort.

The company issued an announcement Friday on its Facebook page, indicating it has concluded the background checks for individuals who have volunteered to participate in the upcoming search.

“You will receive a notice by Email if you have been selected and the place and time to report. The report area is not the area that we will be searching - yet - it is close to the area. We have been asked not to release the area until the last minute. We ask that if you get an email to please keep the location anon. We will make a public announcement when the time is right. We are currently making arraignments (sic) for the team and dogs to fly in at this time. We again, thank all of you for your applications to search. We will make another announcement late next week.”

The company had intended to conduct a search in September, but the office was closed due to flooding from the remnants of Imelda.

Phillip Klein came to Greenville in April and told the Herald-Banner he believed Chambers’ disappearance was a homicide investigation.

Chambers disappeared on March 10, 2017 from his home in the 7000 block of FM 2101.

According to information previously released by the Hunt County Sheriff’s Office, Chambers’ wife Becca reported him missing after arriving that night to an empty house.

In the days following Chambers’ disappearance numerous searches were conducted around the residence by more than 100 volunteers which included cadaver dogs, drones and trained searchers on foot all with negative results.

Becca Chambers said she had spoken to her husband at around 8 a.m. that day. A small amount of blood was reportedly located in a workshop at the residence, but there were no signs of a struggle and Sheriff Randy Meeks has said it is unclear whether Chambers was injured and walked away from the shop seeking help or was forcibly taken from the building.

Klein said he has had a team of nine investigators working on the case and is basing his assertion on more than 250 interviews they have conducted, as well as physical evidence, previous searches and consulting with other investigators.

He disputes one theory that Chambers rode his bicycle to the Two Mile Bridge, dropped it into Lake Tawakoni and then jumped to his death.

Klein also downplayed a report from The ID (Investigation and Discovery) cable channel’s “Disappeared,” which aired a segment in June, 2018, offering a theory that authorities believe Chambers staged his disappearance and vanished deliberately.

A synopsis for the Disappeared program indicated the crime scene may have been staged and that Chambers may have left on his own.

“He’s not a runaway, there’s no evidence of that,” Klein said, noting there are no credit card receipts and no confirmed sightings in the past two years, despite the widespread media attention. “This is an international case. People know this case all over the United States.”

There are some factors which Klein said have left him “extremely concerned,” which include one witness which he claimed lied to his team.

Klein said he and his team would continue with the investigation, but he has not provided the information to the Hunt County Sheriff."


Anyone wanting to offer tips can call the company’s Caroline Gear at 409-729-8798, ext. 3 or the the sheriff’s office tip line at 903-453-6809 or email Sgt. Jeff Haines at jhaines@huntcounty.net

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