Sales dipped a bit at local merchants during May, when compared to one year ago.

The report issued Wednesday by the Texas Comptroller’s Office also revealed how the City of Greenville is reporting a slight decrease in sales tax revenue for the year so far, when compared to the same point in 2008.

The City of Greenville will receive a July sales tax payment of $433,743.75, representing a decrease of 4.95 percent from the $456,354.92 collected in July 2008, which is the record for the month. The city received $415,751.69 during July 2007.

The July sales tax rebate payments represent the city's portion of sales taxes collected at Greenville businesses in May and reported to the Comptroller's office in June.

So far this fiscal year, the City of Greenville has received almost $3.2 million in sales tax revenue, a drop of .48 percent from the approximately $3.21 million collected through July 2008. The city had received $3.19 million in sales tax revenue through July 2007.

about $3.09 million through July 2006 and around $3.02 million through July 2005.