Rescued kitten

Luis and Mary Ramirez show off the kitten that was recently rescued from atop an engine mount after narrowly escaping traffic along Wesley Street.

A kitten rescued from disaster by some passing motorists is now hoping to find a new home after likely using up  most of her nine lives.

Rachel Rendish of Greenville contacted the Herald-Banner about how she and another Good Samaritan were driving by a laundromat in the 5600 block of Wesley Street where they found the the kitten in the roadway.

“She was slightly ran over.” Rendish said. “When she saw us she ran into traffic and this lady stopped her car.”

But before the rescuers could take action, Rendushn said, the cat decided to try and save herself.

“The kitty went under and then jumped inside the under part of the car,” she said.

The second driver, who now had a kitten somewhere in her engine compartment, pulled into a nearby parking lot and another individual unsuccessfully attempted to get the kitten from her perch near the car’s engine block.

“The lady had to drive several blocks with the cat under her car,” Rendish said. “Long story short, she had to drive to Ramirez Tire shop where she told the young man she had a cat under her car, could they lift up her car.”

The crew at the tire shop eventually did see two little eyes peeking out from the engine mount, but before they could retrieve the kitten, she bolted to an adjacent field.

However, she returned to the business later that day and was taken to Greenville Animal Medical Center, where the staff there checked her over and have given her a clean bill of health.

Theresa Aughtry said Friday the kitty is waiting for someone to give her some love, and that she isn’t the only one.

“Right now we have eight kittens available for adoption,” Aughtry said. “We have several that need good homes.”

Anyone who may be interested in adopting the daredevil kitten, or any of those available, can contact the Animal Medical Center at 903-454-9191.

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