Church Roof Repairs

Crews work on part of the roof of Highland Terrace Baptist Church in preparation for the congregation’s return to the building in Jan 12. Back in June, violent straight-line winds tore large sections of roof off of the church

It’s been five months since straight-line winds caused substantial damage to homes and businesses throughout Greenville and left several residents without electricity for the better part of a week.

Those who witnessed the storm on June 19 were also shocked to see large sections of roof torn off of Highland Terrace Baptist Church.

Much of the damage to the church was to its sanctuary, and since then, its congregation has been gathering to worship each Sunday in the Greenville High School auditorium.

Soon after the new year though, Highland Terrace’s congregation plans to move back to its building on Joe Ramsey Boulevard, where it will have its services in the atrium for about a year and a half to two years until the new worship center is built, Pastor Chet Haney said.

“We’re going to have what we’ll call ‘Rise Up Sunday’ on Jan. 12, when we’re gonna rise up and move back in,” Haney told the Herald-Banner.

“We’re excited and we give thanks for all the prayers, well wishes and encouragement. But most of all, we’re thankful for everyone’s hospitality, especially GISD’s in letting us use their auditorium,” Haney added.

“I know it looks bad when people drive by our church on Sunday, see that no one is there and that the roof is damaged, and they think, ‘What has happened to Highland Terrace,’ but the truth is our church is alive and well. We’re just in another building.”

Travis Hairgrove is a news reporter and features writer at the Herald-Banner and covers city government for many municipalities in Hunt County. To reach him outside of business hours, email

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