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Author Brandon J. Rosenberg discusses the publishing process with a young, aspiring writer at a book signing event Saturday at W. Walworth Harrison Public Library in Greenville.

Greenville author of Christian fiction Brandon J. Rosenberg is currently seeking volunteers for his beta review team to help with the revision process of his upcoming four-part saga, titled “Cedar Creek County, A Christian Thriller Series.”

The new installments are planned as a continuation of Rosenberg’s previous three-part series, “A Christian Cozy Mystery Series in Cedar Creek County,” which features the character of Rachael Marlowe-Zellner as the main protagonist, who starts out as a childhood sexual abuse survivor struggling with alcoholism and later becomes a pastor.

Rosenberg, who started writing three years ago at the age of 70, was inspired to share his faith and help others by writing fictional stories filled with easily relatable characters dealing with everyday moral dilemmas and addiction.

“The stories feature Rachael and her friends. Many of the characters are powerless as they struggle with trials, tribulations and daily stresses that we can relate to,” Rosenberg said of his previous series. “Some find Jesus, some don’t. These stories show how the power of Jesus can change one’s life to overcome the bondage of addictions.”

For the upcoming series, Rosenberg plans to set the stories in a dystopian future, and will have a more political bent.

“The next few books were already going to be political, but after the results of this last election, I decided to make them even more political,” Rosenberg said.

“This book will be called ‘The D.C. Mandate,’ and it will encapsulate the government’s goal to shutter all churches, police departments, and confiscate all guns and Bibles in American,” Rosenberg explained. “To counteract, the church plans a resistance movement.”

Rosenberg hopes to have his next novel, “The Year 2035, The D.C. Mandate,” ready for launch this September.

Those interested in volunteering to be part of the beta review team for the series may apply online at

Rosenberg’s previously released novels, a compilation of his short stories, and several gifts can also be purchased through the website,

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