Take advantage of the air conditioning while you can, as it will cost more to run by the end of this week.

GEUS officials have announced that Thursday is the start of the electric utility system’s residential summer electric billing season. But the sting might be slightly less painful this year.

GEUS Consumer Services Manager Jimmy Dickey said the utility charges more during the summer, because it’s costs also go up.

“GEUS’ cost to produce electricity is lower in the non-summer months when our coal-fired generation plant can supply Greenville’s needs,” Dickey said. “The cost to produce electricity rises as more natural gas plants are called upon to meet Texas’ Summer needs.”

But while the electric rate itself is rising, Dickey said another part of residents’ monthly bills is heading downward starting next month.

“Beginning in June, GEUS will be lowering the fuel adjustment charge/power cost recovery factor to 4.9 cents per kilowatt hour,” Dickey said, adding the charge is reviewed on a monthly basis.

“This charge has been at 5.3 cents per kilowatt hour since December, 2005,” Dickey said. “The average home will pay approximately $4 less for the fuel portion of their electric bill.”

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