From the oldest competitors to the youngest, each of the Greenville Independent School District Destination Imagination teams made their mark this past weekend.

Four of the teams received first place awards at Saturday’s Destination Imagination regional competition at Mesquite Poteet High School, according to sponsor Andrea Wilkinson.

“And all nine of our teams placed,” Wilkinson said.

The Lamar Elementary Improv team, the Greenville High School Hybrid Team, the Greenville High School Improv team and the Greenville High School structure team reaped first place honors and will travel to compete in the state Destination Imagination contest in Corpus Christ on April 1.

“This is an awesome showing for us,” Wilkinson said. “I don’t know if we’ve ever had an elementary school place before.”

The Greenville High School Tech and Performance teams claimed third place prizes, as did the Greenville Intermediate School Hybrid team. The Greenville Middle School Performance team won a fourth place award.

Even the youngest team received special recognition.

The Lamar Elementary Rising Stars team are comprised of students in kindergarten through second grade.

“They were honored with a da Vinci award for outstanding creativity,” Wilkinson said.

Destination Imagination is a program for kindergarten through college-age students that encourages the application of creative problem solving techniques and tools while developing creative and critical thinking skills in the students who are involved.

The Greenville High School Hybrid team includes Baxter McConnell, Sammy Johnson, Matt Cowling, J. R. Alvelo, Pearson Patterson, Claudia Osornio and Jasmine Muniz.

The Greenville High School Improv team includes Matt Key, Garrett Moore, Nathan Moorman, Natalie Woodson, Cat Hall, Christie Carter and Ali Phillips.

The Greenville High School Structure team includes Clint Moore, Aaron Johnson, Brad Powers, Ian Stewart, Jessica Hernandez and Ana Rea.

The Lamar Elementary Improv team includes Andrew Walker, Anna Satterwhite, Delaney Stewart, Justin Koger, Kaci Vance, Megan Shaw and Riley Cox.

The Lamar Elementary Rising Stars team includes Emma Anderson, Allyson Koger, Makenzy Mulder, Cole Mulkey, Allison Ozorowski, Chase Vance and Hayden Willeford.

The Greenville High School Performance team includes Carson Cummings, Parker Foote, Taylor Jones, Bethany Ellsworth, Katie Kimberlin, and Katie Wilkinson.

The Greenville High School Tech team includes Becca Brannon, Andrea Eller, Eve Gish, Ryan Ross, Thomas Keysor, Spencer Harmon and Austen Herbst.

The Greenville Intermediate School Hybrid team includes Alex Cartier, Austin King, Ellen Robins, Morgan Smithey, Nathan Ruprecht, Tyler King and Clayton Trette.

The Greenville Middle School Performance team includes Aaron Evans, Andrew Griffin, Hannah Johnson, Heather Johnson, Jasmine Hargis, Jerome Simmons and Trey Hernandez.

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