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Papier-mâché, stone, found metal, encaustic and cold wax medium are on display at Texas A&M Univeristy-Commerce.

On the campus of Texas A&M University-Commerce, an impressive and diverse art show featuring the works of 38 talented artists will continue through April 11 at the University Gallery in the Art Building.

Jane Cornish Smith, an Adjunct Professor of Art and the guest curator of the gallery show, described the various pieces during a tour of the installation which is titled “Wax Applications: Showcasing the Depth and Breadth of Encaustic and Cold Wax Mediums.”

Smith gathered work from a variety of renowned artists to showcase their various processes in creating art with wax.

“The 38 artists featured in this show are from America with one from Central Mexico,” Smith said. “The connecting thread is that each piece has wax in it. It’s either cold wax medium, which is beeswax, damar resin and solvent and doesn’t require heat. Encaustic, using beeswax, damar resin and pigments does require heat.

“The encaustic medium is an ancient material. The Egyptians used it to present funerary portraits two thousand years ago. Wax is embraced by contemporary artists for its formal and conceptual expressiveness. “This group exhibition illuminates a gamut of dimension and technique, intention and innovation.”

 Artist, educator and proprietor of “The Encaustic Center” Bonny Leibovitz wrote the catalogue essay for the “Wax Applications” show.

“Working in wax affords artists endless possibilities,” Leibovitz explained. “This exhibition includes dynamic examples in both encaustic and cold wax which can produce sheer translucencies or dense opaque qualities and textural surfaces, evoking visceral responses the way no other media can.”

The exhibition encompasses a number of materials and processes such as textiles, plaster, books, text, sewing, sculpture, found objects, ceramics, photography, collage, painting and printmaking techniques including silkscreen, collagraph, and monotype.

Christine Blackhurst is the University Gallery director. The public is invited to tour the “Wax Applications” installation through April 11. Covid protocols are in place, and the show is available by appointment.

To make arrangements to attend, contact art@ tamuc.org.

About the Curator: Adjunct Professor of Art at Texas A&M University Commerce Jane Cornish Smith received her B.A. and M.L.A. Degrees from SMU and her MFA from Texas A&M University-Commerce.

She has completed artist residences at the International School of Drawing, Painting and Sculpture in Umbria, Italy, the Vermont Studio and the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts. Smith produces multi-media artworks—oil, gouache, ,mixed media, cold wax medium, encaustic and collage—with equally diverse subject matter.

Her work hangs in museums and galleries in Santa Fe, New Mexico, University of Texas-Tyler, Texas A&M University-Commerce, Wales, U.K., the University Park Public Library in Dallas and in other public and private collections.

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