The Hunt County Tax Assessor/Collector offices in both Greenville and Quinlan will be closed Wednesday, to allow for the replacement of some obsolete equipment in the motor vehicle registration section.

Office Administrator Wayne Aimes said the move is being implemented by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), which is installing new equipment designed to be compatible with equipment in the agency’s Austin headquarters.

“All of ours is so antiquated it wouldn’t even take it,” Aimes said, adding that all of the tax offices in Texas are undergoing the same procedure. “This is statewide.”

The Hunt County offices needed to be closed for business Wednesday, Aimes said, due to the extent of the work which will be performed.

“All of the state stuff is being replaced; the computers, the printers, every single thing it takes for me to operate with state stuff as far as motor vehicles are concerned,” Aimes said.

The Tax Assessor/Collector Office will reopen for regular hours Thursday.

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