A lot has changed in Hunt County in the past 15 years, so county officials believe its about time to change the rules regarding the development of residential subdivisions.

The Hunt County Commissioners Court is scheduled to hire a law firm to help develop tentative new subdivision regulations during Monday’s regular session, starting at 10 a.m. in the Hunt County Courthouse.

Precinct 4 Commissioner Jim Latham said the firm of Fanning, Harper and Martinson is expected to only be involved in the last stages of the discussion.

“They will probably put together the final documents,” Latham said. The rest of the work will be done by the locals.

“There will be input from us, the Health Department and community leaders,” Latham said.

Hunt County is seeing an unprecedented amount of growth moving in from the west, with several major subdivisions under construction or in the planning stages.

Latham said the county has to adapt to the influx of new housing.

“The current regulations have been around since 1991,” Latham said. “I think we need to move on and move up.”

Latham said amendments to the rules would likely involve issues such as the use of septic systems, landscaping and the size of lots required.

“We’ll be taking input from a whole lot of people,” Latham said. “We do not have a time limit on it. I’d like to see it done by the end of the year.”

Latham said he intends to ask John Horn, who won the Republican Party nomination for the office of Hunt County Judge and is unopposed on the November ballot, to provide his input into the process.

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