Precinct 3 county constable candidates

The candidates in the race for Hunt County Constable Precinct 3, from left, Joel Gibson, Bradley Lumpkin and Wade Sheets, were featured during Tuesday’s Hunt County GOP forum at Greenville High School.

Seven candidates seeking vacancies for two Hunt County Constable posts were on hand for Tuesday’s Hunt County GOP Club forum at Greenville High School and each were asked to present the qualifications they would bring to the office should they be elected.

Sandra Linson-Bell, Jeff Haines, Joe Sterner and Richy Valenzuela are in the running for the county constable Precinct 1 slot in the March 3 Republican Party primary.

Linson-Bell said many of the duties currently handled by constables, such as the filing of civil processes and tax seizure warrants, were part of her job while working with the sheriff’s office.

“I have no fear,” she said. “I am ready and willing and waiting to do this job.”

Sterner noted he currently serves as the chief of the Lone Oak Police Department and is constantly available for the city’s residents.

“They call me at all hours of the night,” Sterner said, adding he is happy to be of service. “I drop my hat and I do it. I am the type of person that likes to get out and do the work.”

Valenzuela said his work as a patrol officer brings him into contact with a variety of situations.

“I’ve handled a lot of different cases, as far as civil and criminal,” he said. “I’ll do whatever it takes to help keep the community safe.”

Haines said he has worked while with the sheriff’s office to expand programs offering additional communication and security, such as the Hunt County Crime Stoppers and Campus Safety initiatives at area schools.

“I have a passion for this,” Haines said. “I think we need to do everything we can to make our communities safer, our schools safer and our churches safer.”

Glenn Stone is seeking the Democratic Party nomination for the Constable Precinct 1 post and will face the Republican Party primary winner in November.

The Republican Party race for Constable Precinct 3 drew three candidates, Joel Gibson, Bradley Lumpkin and Wade Sheets.

Lumpkin believes his greatest asset is his ability to develop relationships.

“Being able to develop relationships with your community, being involved with your community,” he said. “Being out there every day where people see you and know you are out there to help them. That’s what I would like to do.”

Sheets explained that he is certified as an investigator regarding auto thefts, narcotics, sexual assaults and family violence.

“I plan to work extremely closely with the sheriff’s office, local police departments the surrounding agencies and federal authorities to make sure the northern citizens of Precinct 3 are taken care of,” Sheets said.

Gibson highlighted the varieties of duties he held with the sheriff’s office.

“I have many years of experience in patrol, criminal investigations,” he said. “I believe that experience will help to assist me in moving the constable’s office forward.”

Two candidates, both Republican, are unopposed in their constable races. Michael Benson was the only candidate to file for the office of county constable Precinct 2 and Matthew Regan was the only candidate to file seeking the post of county constable Precinct 4.

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