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A fan dressed as Spiderman inspects a vendor’s wares at the 2018 Hunt County Comic Expo.

Organizers for the Hunt County Comic Expo are looking forward to once again attracting a small army of superheroes and villains to their second-ever expo this November.

Last year, the group had its inaugural Expo at the Sam Rayburn Students Center at Texas A&M University-Commerce and drew nearly 400 people.

“There’s been a lot of excitement and support,” said Hunt County Comic Expo owner and promoter Cody Glenn in regard to how the first Expo was received.

Last year’s Expo featured autograph and panel discussions with guests, costume contests for both kids and adults, special performances, vendors and photo shoots.

This year’s event will be at Brigandry Games in Commerce and the group hopes to incorporate more gaming-related elements, such as a Super Smash Bros. Tournament.

However, as November fast approaches, organizers with the Hunt County Comic Expo are looking for sponsors to help support the event by offsetting costs so that more artists, guests, vendors, and activities can be included for the event’s second year.

“Of course, the more support that we receive from our sponsors, vendors, and fans, the more we’ll be able to grow and bring bigger and better things to the Hunt County area,” Glenn said.

At last year’s Expo, the group was proud to bring as one of its guests actor Marshall Teague, who was featured in the movie “Road House” as Jimmy, one of villains in the film, and the science fiction television series Babylon 5, as recurring character Ta’Lon.

Other guests last year included costumers and cosplayers such as the Dallas/Fort Worth Ghostbusters, BritishPixie Scarlett Wolf, colour cosplays and thealienpanda.

In addition to guests, the inaugural Expo also featured a variety of artists and vendors, selling fandom-relating art and merchandise.

“Some of the biggest compliments that we received were from a majority of our vendors, who made excellent sales over the course of our first two-day event,” Glenn said.

“They bring so much to our shows that we can easily say that without them, we wouldn’t have an Expo for our fans to come out and participate in,” Glenn added.

Continuing after this year’s main Expo event, the group plans on organizing several smaller events in an effort to build even more community support.

“Right now, we’re planning another movie watch party at Majestic 12 Theater in Greenville for the December release of ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker,’” Glenn said. “We’re also hoping to work with our friends at the W. Walworth Harrison Public Library again for LitCon’s hopeful return in 2020.”

LitCon was a community event celebrating science fiction and fantasy literature held at the W. Walworth Harrison Public Library in March.

This past May also saw organizers for Hunt County Fan Expo set up the first-ever Greenville Art Car show, which the group plans to have again this coming year.

The Art Car Show features not only creatively-painted autos, but also vehicles incorporating elaborately imaginative contraptions.

“We’re absolutely holding another Greenville Art Car Show on Saturday, May 23, 2020,” Glenn said. “We’ve tinkered with the schedule to try to make it not so much of a marathon for people who aren’t prepared to spend 12 hours outside in the Texas weather – our next art car show will run from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., with the award presentation occurring at the end of the event, instead of half-way through.”

This year’s main Hunt County Fan Expo event will be Nov. 9 and 10, at Brigandry Games in Commerce.

For more information about attending or sponsoring the event, visit

Travis Hairgrove is a news reporter and features writer at the Herald-Banner and covers city government for many municipalities in Hunt County. To reach him outside of business hours, email

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