Cause for Paws may have an easier time finding homes for some otherwise unwanted pets, after the City Council agreed Tuesday to transfer some of the animals housed at the Greenville Area-wide Animal Shelter to the organization.

The Council approved an agreement with Cause For Paws as part of the consent calendar on Tuesday’s agenda. Representatives with Cause for Paws said the agreement will give them a method to transfer dogs and cats from the shelter to rescue groups without incurring the $15 adoption fee for each animal.

Cause For Paws is a non-profit organization established in 2002 which is dedicated to providing low-cost pet sterilizations and vaccinations, as well as rescuing and fostering unwanted pets.

The organization asked for the agreement with the City of Greenville to allow for the transfer of unwanted animals from the shelter into their care. Cause For Paws would then place the animals with individuals or rescue groups willing to adopt them.

The shelter was reported to have euthanized more than 4,100 animals during 2005 alone.

Under the agreement, adoptable dogs and cats which are transferred must be housed in a facility with a certificate of occupancy to operate as an animal shelter; or, if housed in a private residence inside the City of Greenville, no more than three transferred animals may be housed at one location at one time. In the case of a litter of puppies or kittens, they shall be counted as one animal until they are four months of age.

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