Don’t throw away all those old cans of pesticides and paints which are sitting in the garage just yet, as the City of Greenville is planning to host an event designed to allow residents to dispose of them safely and at no cost.

The city is in the process of filing an application for a $37,142 grant from the North Central Texas Council of Governments for a Regional Solid Waste Program Local Implementation Project.

“We are requesting money to conduct a Household Hazardous Waste Collection event,” said Public Works Director Massoud Ebrahim. “We’ve had four successful events since 1994.”

Ebrahim told the City Council last week that should the city receive the grant, residents will be able to dispose of pesticides, paints and other hazardous chemicals found around the home.

The idea behind the collection event is to help keep the chemicals from just being tossed into the trash, where they might eventually enter the city’s water supply.

In 1990, traces of the pesticide Diazinon were detected in the city’s wastewater supply, leading to the establishment of the Public Education Program, which seeks to publicize the dangers of the improper disposal of household hazardous chemicals.

Ebrahim said the program has reduced the levels of toxicity to acceptable levels and since the inception of the collection events, almost all of the biomonitoring tests of the wastewater have passed successfully.

“The Public Education Program will implement this program with the help of the other departments,” Ebrahim said

The event would also take in old tires to be sent to a recycling facility, rather than end up in area ditches and creek beds.

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