Bargain hunters seeking anything such as used computer equipment, bamboo flooring, a dryer, or electronics — condition unknown — may be interested in an upcoming online auction.

The City of Greenville has 23 items up for bid in the auction, which was still being constructed as of Saturday evening at

Among the merchandise being sold are 11 boxes of bamboo flooring; a pallet of flat panel computer monitors,; an assortment of CPUs, printers, back-up units and other items; a pallet containing subwoofer speakers, portable game systems, cameras and more; an air compressor unit; an in the wall mountable stove and a clothes dryer.

Vehicles and equipment up for the highest bid include an excavator, a backhoe, a Chevrolet 2500 truck and a 1996 Honda Accord.

Until such time as the auction actually gets underway, those wanting additional information are being asked to contact Auctioneer Express at 903-572-4975.

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