Trevor Daniel battling cancer

Trevor Daniel, a fifth-grader at Greenville Christian School who’s currently battling lymphoma, enjoys some time with his dog, Scout. This Saturday, the Caddo Mills High School band will perform at Greenville Christian School’s homecoming football game in support of Trevor.

As a pep rally for a student’s battle with cancer, the Caddo Mills High School marching band will perform at Greenville Christian School’s homecoming football game Saturday and present them with a token of their support.

Fifth-grader Trevor Daniel, who has been frequently absent from school while fighting lymphoma, plans on attending the game Saturday to watch his brother, Ethan, play for the Greenville Christian School Eagles and his sister, Mia, cheer him on with the rest of her squad.

According to a spokesperson for Greenville Christian School, Trevor was diagnosed with lymphoma two years ago. His brother was the donor in a stem cell transplant, and even though the transplant went well, cancer returned. Trevor is now awaiting a second transplant, this time from a non-family member.

Caddo Mills band director Brian Miears first became aware of the family’s situation through his nephew, and the suggestion was made that the Caddo Mills High School band perform at Greenville Christian’s homecoming game in support of Trevor.

Miears said members of the band were on board with the idea almost as soon as they heard it.

“It’s just a tight community,” Miears told the Herald-Banner. “My nephew is best friends with some kids that know him, and when the band heard about the idea of us playing at the game, they approved.”

The band’s act of giving is extra special as it will come at a price, because they were scheduled to compete in the Royse City Marching Classic that same day, and will miss the preliminary round of the competition. This will forfeit their chances of placing in the contest.

“We won’t be able to be there in the morning for the prelims, but the people in charge of the competition heard about what we were doing and they’re letting us perform right before the finals, so we’re still going to go there to play after the game,” Miears said.

“We have a thing in our band called ‘C1’ or ‘character first,’” he added. “Winning is secondary. Showing kindness and working together at something bigger than themselves, even if it means giving up ranking in the finals in a contest is so important.

“I just thought it was really neat.”

The decision of the members of the Caddo Mills High School band also reflects the theme of their contest marching show this year, titled “Hero.”

“The subtitle for the show is ‘Courage, Honor, Strength,’ which definitely ties into standing up as a community to fight against cancer,” Miears said.

At some point at the game Saturday, the band will present Trevor with some artwork they’ve prepared for him as a reminder of those pulling for him.

“Saturday is a district homecoming game, but some things are bigger than football games,” said Greenville Christian School Athletic Director Randy Jones. “The support that the Caddo Mills band is showing is one of those things.”

Another staff member at Greenville Christian School with words of appreciation for the Caddo Mills band’s gesture was Head Administrator Mark Reisner.

“Greenville Christian School is grateful that the Caddo Mills marching band has joined us for homecoming and to honor Trevor Daniel,” Reisner said in an email. “The kindness and effort of the Caddo Mills Independent School District is evidence of the excellence in education they provide their students and families.

“The commitment they have made to honor Trevor demonstrates the best of the human spirit,” he continued. “Thanks for setting an example of what a well-informed mind and a big heart looks like.

“Kudos to Caddo.”

To help the Daniel family with the costs of the transplants and the hospitalization, Greenville Christian School is selling T-shirts for its “Trevor Strong” campaign.

Greenville Christian School’s homecoming game will be at 2 p.m. Saturday at Eagle Field at 8420 Jack Finney Blvd.

Greenville Christian staff recommends that those who attend bring chairs in case the bleachers are full.

Travis Hairgrove is a news reporter and features writer at the Herald-Banner and covers city government for many municipalities in Hunt County. To reach him outside of business hours, email

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