Braving the cold

While the regular mail delivery had been hampered due to the icy weather this past week, letter carrier Danny Gladden of Greenville was among those braving the cold to deliver parcels to local residents.

This week’s cold weather and snow – and the resulting power outages, frozen pipes, and treacherous road conditions – have made many of the basic, daily, often-taken-for-granted routines either extremely difficult or temporarily impossible for people throughout Hunt County and the State of Texas.

And during these harsh conditions – firefighters, utility linemen, paramedics, hospital staff, and home health workers, police officers, heating and air conditioning technicians, wrecker services, semi truck drivers, drivers for road-hailing and food delivery services (such as Uber and DoorDash), and several other professionals have all been working round the clock to help families through these hardships.

Also on the front lines of combatting the freeze have been several “bad weather good Samaritans” who have been helping by checking on their neighbors, chopping firewood to give away for free, providing food and water, and freeing vehicles from of sticky situations.

Below is a list of several local volunteers who have been going above and beyond for their fellow men, women and children during this challenging time. These “shoutouts” are only a few of the ones received by the Herald-Banner in response to a Facebook post that asked readers for examples of acts of kindness they had witnessed this week.

• Tina Lancaster wrote, “LaVelle Hendricks in Commerce has been cooking up large batches of hot food and delivering it to those in need. Within a 25 mile radius!”

• Shanna Michelle Gilmore wrote, “I wish I knew her name, but there was a woman at Braums in Greenville on Tuesday, she was paying for people’s grocery items. She paid for our milk and eggs.”

• Jessica Livingston wrote, “ Aletha Kruse has been running errands in her Jeep for many, sharing posts to get wood to many families, taking lighter fluid to others, offering rides to work and more for others.

“In my neighborhood, my spouse, Roger (Livingston), has followed many to the store in our big truck to make sure they got there and back safely before we had to leave our own home for warmth for our kids. Today he’s been running errands for food for many too. Both him and the Kruses have gone above and beyond for many all with out pay.

“I’d also like to send a shout out to multiple neighbors of ours, for many ways of helping us! When we finally were able to return home, we had a pipe burst. Multiple neighbors searched for a main key to help turn the water on and off, then offered so much for our family.”

• Amanda Whitcomb wrote, “Lucas Brandon Logston is an an angel sent from heaven. He’s done so much for this community! He’s made many trips out in the crazy weather to deliver groceries for the elderly/people who can’t leave their homes. He’s offering rides and delivering gas and firewood to those who need it.

“My faith in humanity has been restored because of people like him and the many others who are helping.”

• Jerry Giesler wrote, “Oscar Marin, husband of Jasmine Marin-Reyes, helped another guy pull a rigged semi-trailer out of a slippery situation at The Square!”

• Emily Thompson wrote, “Yevette Stephenson and Gaylon Jones always helping those in need throughout Greenville. Today, they were pulling people out of the snow that got stuck.

“How do I know? The snow was so deep, I missed the entire turn in at my own business at Love & Integrity Funeral Cremation Services. I ended up over by  a business sign on top of a covered sidewalk. Snow was just that deep and leveled with our parking lot.

“Out of nowhere, here comes these two angels and two more that were passing by to lend a hand.

But everyday this is the norm for Yvette and Gaylon.

“We thank you for being such great Christian helpers.”

• Johanna Day wrote, “Jimmy, Bo and Rowdy Day loaned out every generator at their shop so friends and family had some source of power. They even fixed a couple generators to loan them out as well.”

• Jillian Rose wrote, “I didn’t get their names but two gentlemen caught me right as I was getting stuck turning onto 903 from 380! They were there before I even had a chance to go into full panic attack mode.

“They got me unstuck and followed me all the way home, just to make sure my family got there safely!”

• Carisa Sanders told the Herald-Banner, “We call him Papa John, but John Dobmeyer got out this morning and chopped down a trailer’s-worth of wood, and made a post telling people who were in need that they could have it for free. He’s annoyed by price gouging, so he’s doing this for people out of the kindness of his heart.

“He’s such a good man, and he loves God.”

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Travis Hairgrove is a news reporter and features writer at the Herald-Banner and covers city government for many municipalities in Hunt County. To reach him outside of business hours, email

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