It’s official, Atwoods Ranch and Home announced Tuesday the opening of their newest store will be in Greenville later this year.

Carla Sutton, with Atwoods corporate office in Enid, Okla., said that the store will open in September.

“The exact date hasn’t been set in stone yet, but it will be in September,” Sutton said.

The store will be located on Wesley Street. The location, 5222 Wesley, is where K-Mart was previously located but the building has been vacant for six years.

Atwoods offers a comprehensive selection of farm, ranch and home merchandise and supplies including livestock and pet products, implements, tools, lawn and garden equipment and furnishings, clothing, boots, household and food items.

Atwoods, which opened its first store in 1960, currently operates 38 stores in five states; Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, Missouri, Arkansas.

The Greenville store will provide more than 60,000 square feet of retail space and employ approximately 50 workers.