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Herald-Banner health and wellness columnist Liz Jones operates a yoga, personal training and corporate wellness program soon to expand as Jones Wellness Ranch in Greenville. She holds a Master’s in Organizational Leadership and Strategic Management.

Throat Chakra

We are on week 5 of the 7 chakra series of articles.  We are now in October which has several important significant themes.  It is Domestic Violence Awareness month, Breast Cancer Awareness, Women’s Health Awareness and October brings my two favorite holidays- my birthday and Halloween.

This week I am focusing on the fifth chakra- the throat chakra, which is very appropriate for the other themes of this month.  As a professional advocate for victims of abuse and as a healer, this is very significant to me.  Part of my professional role is to help protect and give a voice to those who cannot share their own voice.  Part of my role as a healer in my wellness capacity as a yoga teacher, body worker and empowerment coach is to hold space for people to find that voice and begin to heal.

The 5th chakra is located at the base of the throat, the color associated with it is blue/turquoise.  A blocked fifth chakra can manifest as physically having throat issues.  When a person is lying, they often will begin to cough or clear their throat.  When meditating, often as energy begins to flow, people may have an uncontrollable urge to clear their throat.  Spiritually and energetically, it can appear as not having one’s voice hear or not being able to communicate or talk about what you need to express.  It can show up as a fear of speaking.  

The throat chakra is the connection of energy from the head (our thoughts, our intuition) to our body (our physical gut feelings, activity, sexuality) and often if the energy flow is blocked in some way, there will be a disconnect between head and heart, such as being in a toxic or abusive relationship that one feels unable to get out or ask for help.

Ways to clear the throat chakra are opening the throat, so many of the heart opening yoga asanas also open the throat area as we lift the chin.  The phrase, “keep your head up,” is a good metaphor for staying empowered in your voice.  One of the best ways to activate the throat chakra is through vibration.  The “Ohm” sound creates vibrations, along with other spiritual energy associated with the sound, opens up the throat physically and energetically.  Bhramari breath, which is known as a “humming breath,” is a very good way to activate this area.  If you have a fear of public speaking, this is an awesome warm up to get ready!

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