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Herald-Banner health and wellness columnist Liz Jones operates a yoga, personal training and corporate wellness program soon to expand as Jones Wellness Ranch in Greenville. She holds a Master’s in Organizational Leadership and Strategic Management.

So, this is my first experience, as with most of us, to go through the changes to the wo rld as we have experienced lately.

There have been various health crisis throughout our lives, but 2020 has been unique in the severity and impact on our communities, our nation and our world.

Causes of Anxiety

Many people are feeling anxiety over the concerns with the “invisible” germs we are needing to avoid and many have anxiety over wearing a mask.

People with anxiety may experience fear when having the face covered, or when breathing is reduced due to a face covering.

As a community, we don’t have the same access to our social lives, nor to interacting on a personal level with people we previously connected with.

Those with front-line positions still have to be in contact with the public, while remaining distant from friends and family.  

Many people are struggling because of the economic impact of the shutdowns or from having to seek health care in a crisis because of the virus. Oftentimes, people can experience anxiety when they feel they have lost control over something.

We have had to set aside many of the self-care activities we normally partake in such as massage and bodywork, manicures, haircuts, face-to-face yoga and fitness classes and our access to appropriate healthy nutrition may be deterred.  

Many of us are practicing social distancing and staying at home when we can, or have a small, select group of people we associate with outside the home.

Unable to Visit

Farmers Market

If someone is unable to leave their home due to high risk from being over a certain age, or having markers that make them more high risk, they cannot go to the farmer’s market to get fresh, local or organic produce, raw honey and other staples to a healthy, balanced diet. I’ve been brainstorming how to help our community during this time to get more access to healthy foods.  

Community Seeds

One resource I want to make sure people are aware of is Community Seeds (903-634-5673 or

Community Seeds is providing free family food boxes in partnership with USDA.  

Contact them to verify which Saturdays they are providing box pickup. You just show up, pop the trunk, tell them how many are in your household and you get a box with nice fruits, veggies and some dairy products.

If you are looking for resources for fresh organic produce, Liz Jones Wellness and Jones Wellness Ranch is collaborating with Good Earth Organic Farm to provide curbside pickup (and limited delivery if you are over 65 or disabled and live without someone able to pick up).

Some items made in the certified kitchen will be available. We are looking at weekends in September as the potential go-date to have curbside pickup available. We will have a weekly list of produce available.

Looking for Local Producers

Right now, we are looking for local producers who have fresh veggies, fruit and honey, as well as artisans who create local handmade items, unique items, or specialty items (no corporately produced product lines), who would sell wholesale or on consignment (all handmade items or art will be on consignment only).

If you are interested in collaborating on this, contact me at  or call 715-684-9297.

Liz Jones is the owner of Liz Jones Wellness LLC, in Hunt and Rockwall counties, and is building Jones Wellness Ranch near Greenville. She can be reached at  or through her website at

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