Oscar nominated

Steven Prescod and Robert Taronga (a blind and deaf actor) in the Oscar-nominated short film “Feeling Through.”

The following excellent short films are nominated for Oscars at the 93rd annual Academy Awards ceremony scheduled for Sunday, April 25.


(Live Action Short)

Tareek (Steven Prescod), who remains homeless during a chilly late night in New York City, desperately texts various friends asking for a place to spend the night.

As he moves around the city, Tareek encounters Artie (Robert Taronga), who manages to communicate his need to catch a bus. Artie, it seems, is deaf and also blind.Tarek, who had been so self-centered earlier, becomes involved in the complexity of getting Artie on the correct bus to make it to his home.

The simple story turns  profound as Tareek changes into a Good Samaritan in an impressive drama written and directed by Doug Roland and produced by Marlee Matlin.

Tarango is an actual blind and deaf actor who became involved in the short film through the Helen Keller Services.

Rated R 4 Stars


(Animated Short)

A brown bunny sets out to build the ultimate burrow home, a special underground apartment with all the essentials including a disco ball.

But problems occur when the little rabbit accidentally burrows into the living space of several underground dwellers, including moles, field mice, frogs, hedgehogs, newts, beetles and ants.

In addition to the laughs provided by the comic situations, “Burrow” is another sweetly touching and wordless animated short movie from Disney/Pixar.

“Burrow” was supposed to debut in theaters in conjunction with the Oscarnominated animated feature “Soul.” Because of the pandemic, the animated short began streaming on Disney+ beginning Dec. 25, 2020.

Rated PG 4 Stars


(Live Action Short)

It is the anniversary of Yusef (Saleh Bakri) and his wife Noor (Mariam Kamel Basha), a Palestinian couple living in Betunia on the West Bank. With his young daughter Yasmine (Maryam Kanj), Yusef attempts to travel to Bethlehem.

Yusef and Yasmine encounter difficulties from armed Israeli soldiers as the pair try to get through a crowded checkpoint. After a humiliating wait, they are able to pick up a refrigerator that is a gift for Noor.

Filmed guerrilla-style, the edgy short movie reveals the trauma experienced by Palestinians in their daily lives as they attempt to pass through intimidating checkpoints.

“The Present” is directed and co-written by Farrah Nabulsi and is available on Netflix.

Rated R 4 Stars


(Live Action Short)

Carter James (rapper and actor Joey Bada$$) wakes up in the apartment of a beautiful woman named Perri (Zaria Simone). After some awkward conversation, Carter leaves to go home.

But when Carter exits the building, he finds himself in a conversation with Officer Merk (Andrew Howard). Things get out of hand, and Merk tries to arrest Carter. Then Carter is on the ground with Merk and several other officers on his back. The timely and twisted surreal happening seems to mimic the all-too-real situation of the George Floyd “I can’t breathe” scenario.

Written by Travon Free and co-directed by Free and Martin Desmond Roe, “Two Distant Strangers” turns into a riveting recurring dream/time loop story. In the film, Carter continues to get killed before waking up once again in Perri’s bed. Each of his deaths represent a specific event when an African American was killed because of police brutality.

The names of those killed by police are presented onscreen before the credits. The tensionfilled short movie is available on Netflix.

Rated R 4 Stars

Alice Reese is a member of the Dallas Fort Worth Film Critics Association. She reviews movies, arts and  entertainment for the Herald-Banner and for KETR.

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