Maggie George, left, 8, and Nicole Painter, 5, wait under their umbrellas for the Bois d’Arc Bash Parade to begin Saturday. Although rain threatened the Bash for the second year in a row, the skies finally cleared in the afternoon and most events went on as scheduled.

Rain threatened the Bois d’Arc Bash for the second straight year, but organizers seemed determined that the show would go on.

Showers fell on the 21st annual event off an on during the morning and early afternoon, but the crowd seemed to take it in stride. Many ran for cover under the traditional awnings in the downtown Commerce area, while others simply walked around in the rain with umbrellas.

Steve Duke, of Commerce, was selling kettle corn as one of the vendors at the Bash and said he wasn’t going to let the weather spoil the event for him.

“It doesn’t phase me,” Duke said. “I’ll just pull the sides (of the tent) down if it goes to raining and if it quits I’ll just pull ‘em back up and start again.”

Several announcements were made during the morning that the Bash was going to go on. The weather even cleared for the parade before clouding back up again.

Stacey Jackson of Commerce was even enjoying the weather.

“I think this is fun,” Jackson said. “It’s cool and it’s real nice. Everybody’s mixing and mingling and it’s real nice.”

Twelve-year-old Shelby McHenry was hoping for a good day.

“We just have to leave (the weather) up to God and see what he does with it,” McHenry said.

She was there with her cousin and niece and they were hoping to get to walk around the fair before working at one of the booths.

This was definitely not McHenry’s first time at the Bash.

“I started going to the Bash when I was 5 and I haven’t missed one,” she said.

Her favorite parts of the annual event are the bands and the funnel cake.

Patti Whaley thought the area needed rain too badly to let it spoil the Bash.

“The parade was wonderful,” Whaley said. “We’re enjoying it a lot — even with the rain.”

Jim Reynolds was too excited about the rain to let it dampen his good time.

“I love this weather,” Reynolds said. “We need this rain. Nothing’s going to spoil it.”

Reynolds like to check out the woodworking vendors. It’s a hobby he’s tried himself, but says he hasn’t got it quite right, yet.

“I’ve got a little bit better equipment now so maybe I can do a little bit better,” he said.

Jason Pinkston, of Greenville, even brought his five children out to the Bois d’Arc Bash with him. He said the kids were happy to be there, even if it was wet.

“They want to see it last,” Pinkston said. “Hopefully everyone will stick around and we’ll have a good time.”

The Bois d’Arc Bash Car and Truck Show is scheduled for downtown Commerce today starting at 10 a.m. The Commerce FFA Alumni barbecue will also be held on the square starting at noon.

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