Happy Father's Day

I have been asked by the powers that be to come up with a column in recognition of this weekend’s big occasion. Let me begin by noting how this year’s Father’s Day will be different for all of us, especially because of the pandemic, which has affected what we are able to do, where we can go and who can come and visit us for the occasion.

Our oldest son Nick is grown and living in Austin and has three kids of his own. Happy Father’s Day son!

Two of those beautiful girls, our granddaughters Vanessa and Victoria, are spending the summer with us at the Kellar Estate. The oldest, Lauryn, has popped in from time to time.

Our daughter Jaylynn just turned 21, is spending the summer at the Kellar Estate and watches over the two aforementioned grandchildren

Our foster son Jason is 13.5, and has turned out to be a wonderful teenager and also a mentor for Vanessa and Victoria, especially in terms of showing them how to play video games. He has been spending a lot of time this summer helping my lovely wife Vida with her daycare operation and also with his biological dad, Jason Sr., which is wonderful. And, happy Father’s Day to you!

Also under the roof of the Kellar Estate this time around is Vida’s Mom Reba, who  also has been working at the daycare.

There’s no real activities planned for the big day, as the aforementioned virus has greatly limited our entertaining options, as has the sheer number of people who would potentially be involved.

But that is all right. It may sound cliché, but to be honest I really don’t need any big occasion. I love being a Dad and I don’t need a special day to let me know how important that job is.

There probably won’t be any big family vacation this year, as between Vida’s and my jobs there aren’t many opportunities available to get away and, at the present time, there aren’t a lot of places we can go to.

This coronavirus has forced the seven of us to spend all of our free time under the same roof. While it can be an annoying challenge, such as the scheduling of the one, tiny bathroom at the Estate, it has also turned into a blessing, as we all learn to know more about each other and how we each face life’s ups and downs. For every conflict over what TV channel to watch, there is the opportunity for us all to eat dinner at the same table and talk over our days.

There may not be visits to the beach in our future, but the grandkids are wearing out the wading pool in the back yard and love going with Reba to the splash pad down the street.

I look in the mirror every morning and pray that I will be a good man and do a decent day’s work. I look again before going to bed and hope I was successful in that regard and that my family knows everything I do is for them.

I think back on my Dad and I strive to pattern myself on all his best parts; the humor, the dedication to his family and career and the love he gave to each of his five children. I wish to be able to pass along the best parts of myself to my children, while also realizing any of my traits they wish to emulate will be entirely up to them.

I also understand as I watch them all grow that they have developed their own individual spirits and that they are turning out to be marvelous people.

To sum it all up, this will be a different Father’s Day to be sure, but it will also be one which we also will remember for years to come.

Just a thought ...

Brad Kellar is a reporter for the Herald-Banner. He can be reached at brad@heraldbanner.com.

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