The Greenville Independent School District is offering free summer classes for community members who would like help with professional training.

Every Wednesday throughout the month of June, the Greenville ISD PRIDE Center will be teaching adults how to build resumes, budgets and spreadsheets to help them in their careers. The PRIDE Center hosts programs aimed at helping parents and community members.

David Gish, who serves as the district’s director of community outreach, oversees the center’s activities and programs. He said the center is designed to be a helping hand to parents and community members in the district.

“You want school children to have a stable environment. The more stable their environment is, the better they’re going to do in school; the better they do in school, the better their lives are going to be,” Gish said in a previous interview.

Classes will start 5:30 p.m. and are held at the Wesley Martin Administration Building, located 4004 Moulton St. in Greenville.

According to a district press release, the center will teach computer basics in addition to resume and budget building.

“This class is for adult community members of all ages,” the release stated. “Come and join us in a relaxed environment to learn how to use free web tools to accomplish your tasks! Computers will be provided. Childcare will not be provided.”

The PRIDE center also hosts ESL classes for adults and organizes informational seminars throughout the school year.

Greenville ISD trustees in February announced that the school board was considering a partnership with CareVide to build a community health clinic at the Houston Education Center, located located 3923 Henry St. in Greenville. The PRIDE center has been integral in working toward that partnership.

Those interested in reserving a spot for technology classes throughout June should call 903-408-4407.

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