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Jack Welch has served as a high school and college football coach for 39 years. He holds a Doctorate in Education. He can be reached at

When things do not go your way, how do you respond?  Do you dig down and work harder in accomplishing your goals?  Or do you say it was not meant to be and move on?

Usually our response to things not going our way is a direct reflection of how much it means to us.  In sports, a game is a game but to the participants putting all their heart into the effort of winning, it hurts when they lose.  

Players that are united in thought and mirrored in effort bind together, never ceasing in effort. This creates accountability amongst the group.  Many people shy away from being held accountable.  

Players held accountable to each other have a relationship based on trust.  This is why I believe people are a product of their society.  Accountability within the context of relationship with a trustworthy companion is a tremendous asset.  

Holding each other accountable builds trustworthy relationships. When tenacious, relentless players join forces, they are a tremendous team.  They have passion, vision and do not quit until the job is finished.  Championship teams are built on these principles.  

Hard work and sacrifice of each player is evident in how they play, perform and compete.  Winning or losing a game does not necessarily explain the players’ effort but it does explain their demeanor. It is during adversity when real friends are discovered.

When a team experiences a loss, they either bind together or fall apart. Many championship teams experience some loses during a season.  I was fortunate to coach in two state championship games and neither time was my team undefeated during the regular season.

Even if a team is winning, if the players are not accountable to each other, they will begin to crumble when things do not go their way.  And eventually, something will not go the way they expected.   

Trust comes from experience and interaction.  When players go through battles together, they develop a bond of trust.  In addition, when a person sacrifices time and effort in a project, the project becomes very meaningful. Vince Lombardi said the harder a person works, the harder it is to surrender.  This is why it critical to surround yourself with like-minded people.  People striving for similar goals. One person can only do so much but together they can accomplish so much more.

Thought for the week:

 “Individually we are one drop.  Together we are an ocean.”

Ryunosuke Satoro

Dr. Jack Welch is a college football coach. He has a doctor degree in education and has been an administrator and football coach for 40 years. He can be reached at


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