One outdoor TV show host is a former twirler for the Greenville High School band and the other was a state champion gymnast at Richardson High School.

One is an interior designer and landscaper by trade who now resides in Dallas while the other is a certified public accountant living in Wolfe City.

Both women share a love for the outdoors that dates back to their childhood.

Meet Judy Rhodes and Pearl Silvey, the co-hosts and executive producers for a new television show on The Men’s Channel called, “Divas in the Outdoors.”

Rhodes is the former GHS twirler, who now juggles outdoor activities with her design and landscaping work. In 1999 she founded Texas Women’s Shooting Sports (TWSS), a growing organization that now includes members in 48 states and 14 countries.

“I decided not to let another generation go without hunting or shooting,” said Rhodes, who is a 1967 graduate of GHS.

Silvey is the former gymnast who calls herself a “city girl that’s gone country.” She’s the current president of TWSS.

“I’ve been shooting since I was 6,” said Silvey.

It was through their association in TWSS that Rhodes and Silvey decided in February to start their own outdoor TV show, noting the void in outdoor programming for women. They bought a video camera in March and with the help of one of Judy’s contacts, pitched The Men’s Channel on the idea for the show. The Men’s Channel, which features 70 outdoor shows that are nearly all geared toward men, apparently liked the novelty of “Divas in the Outdoors.”

“We’re the only women’s show on the Men’s Channel,” said Rhodes.

Rhodes and Silvey are scheduled to air 26 original shows through 52 weeks. Each weekly show airs three times per week at 5:30 p.m. on Mondays, plus 8:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. on Fridays. The Men’s Channel is on Channel 218 on the Dish Network.

Their first show aired on Sept. 26. The ratings apparently have been good.

“They’ve already got such a good response they’re moving us to Wednesdays in June,” said Rhodes, noting that Wednesdays have been The Men’s Channel’s best ratings nights for its outdoor shows.

Judy’s mother Mary Pullen, who still resides in Greenville, introduces and ends each show with short quips.

“It’s been wonderful,” said Pullen. “I have enjoyed every minute of it.”

Pullen said she’s getting a steady stream of email from viewers as well as feedback in person.

“They see me now and say, ‘I saw you on television!’”

Tim Hart, who previously worked on outdoor shows with musician/outdoorsman Ted Nugent, flies down from Michigan to produce and direct the shows.

“They’ve got personality and they learn and they apply what they learn,” said Hart. “That’s what makes it fun to watch. When you watch TV you want to be entertained.”

Hart handled the camera on Monday when the two divas hunted wild hogs at the Circle T Bowhunting Ranch outside Commerce. Rhodes and Silvey, with the aid of guides James Pegram and Timmy Romine, tracked and then shot two 90-plus pound hogs.

Their special guest on the show, Shelah Zmigrosky, also shot a hog. Zmigrosky, owner of The Foxy Huntress, has a new line of women’s hunting clothes about to hit the market.

Rhodes and Silvey try to keep things lively and fun. Rhodes promised to kiss her first catch on one recent fishing expedition filmed near Port Arthur but passed on kissing a speckled trout in favor of pecking guide Bill Watkins on the cheek.

Silvey poked fun at a Gafftop catfish on that same show, calling it a “gas top.” Watkins warned both women to make sure the Gafftop’s poisonous fins didn’t poke them.

Silvey showed off her gymnastics skills on the roll cage of a four-wheeler at the Circle T, while Hart filmed. Silvey gripped the bar to turn a flip and then let go while airborne and with arms fully extended, only to catch herself on the bar again.

While Rhodes and Silvey appear to be enjoying themselves, they are serious about their target audience: women.

“We’re about teaching women they can go into the outdoors,” said Silvey.

“We’re informative,” said Rhodes. “Our goal is not only to teach to but encourage them to go out into the outdoors. Our audience is the gatekeeper of the home.”

They are planning to do 10 shooting and hunting shows this year, 10 on fishing and six on various other topics including harvesting alligator eggs, riding all terrain vehicles and even a search for Bigfoot in the forests of Oklahoma.

Rhodes previously did some outdoor segments 10 years ago with Good Morning Texas on WFAA-TV.

“The world wasn’t ready for it,” she said. “They didn’t think a woman’s place was out in the woods. Now it’s the right timing for Pearl and I.”

Divas in the Outdoors? As Mary Pullen would say, “The girls have gone hog wild!’”

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