Greenville voters overwhelming approved a $50 million bond measure Saturday to fix the city's streets and roads. 

Fixing the roads has been a major issue for city officials in recent years but the problem was exacerbated by February's cold snap that covered the streets in ice and snow. Potholes plague many of the city's streets. 

In the vote, 82% of those casting ballots said yes to Proposition A. The idea, which was partially cooked up by Mayor-elect Jerry Ransom, was to take advantage of low interest rates, which would allow the city to pay for the bond without hiking taxes.

"I'm excited about the street bond, that's going to help us out a lot," said Ransom, who donated $10,000 to help fund the campaign to get the proposition passed. 

It's the second road construction bond that Greenville voters have approved in seven months. 

The issue was a popular one with those casting early votes with 85% saying yes. On Saturday's election day, 78% of the 699 votes cast said yes to the bond. 

(Herald-Banner reporter Brad Kellar contributed to this report) 

Greenville Proposition A road bond results

Candidate Votes Pct
For 1,311 82.45
Against 279 17.55

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