GEUS recognizes the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the community and is dedicated to taking measures to help its customers. As a provider of essential utility and Internet services to the community, GEUS has a responsibility to support those who have been impacted by this unprecedented crisis.

 Last night the GEUS Board committed to assist customers experiencing financial hardship. GEUS will temporarily waive certain payment fees and will not disconnect any customer’s utility or Internet services for nonpayment in order to give customers extra time to make payments. Customers should pay what they can to avoid accumulating large balances that will be more difficult to pay off later. Customers should contact GEUS Customer Service to make payment arrangements if they need help with their bills.

 GEUS Customer Service is available to assist customers by phone but recognizes that the current situation may lead to increased wait times. In order to avoid long hold times, customers are encouraged to contact GEUS Customer Service through

 GEUS is also temporarily providing free Internet access through its community hot spots to assist those without access to Internet services. GEUS’ hot spots are available throughout Greenville in public areas such as parks and downtown. Anyone can access the Internet through these hot spots at no charge. GEUS encourages people using this service to either remain in their vehicles or move to an isolated area of the hot spot location to maintain the social distancing of a minimum of six feet as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 

 A map of these hot spots is available at

 At this time, we are limited to providing this access to one hour daily per device in order to avoid exceeding available bandwidth. We are working with the vendor to resolve this constraint. Our hope is to be able to expand this free service to unlimited use in the near future.

 “Our goal is to ensure continuation of essential utility and Internet services while helping our most vulnerable customers through this crisis,” said GEUS General Manager Alicia Price.

“The GEUS Board is committed to stepping up to help support members of this great community,” Price added.

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