Students, parents, teachers and administrators of the Greenville Independent School District were swept up Monday by the frenzy of the first day of the school year.

Superintendent Demetrus Liggins, who began his tenure in April 2017, was busy visiting the district’s campuses early Monday morning.

He took the time to greet teachers and check in with campus administrators at each stop, taking every chance to plop down in a seat to chat with students.

“Teachers are excited, students are excited, parents are excited -which means we’re in or a great school year; I’m looking forward to it,” Liggins said.

Kiley Austin who teaches multiple subjects at Greenville High School, including yearbook and English, said she is looking forward to the progress that she’ll make with her students.

Her husband, Drew, will begin teaching Algebra at the high school this year, and will also be the assistant coach of the tennis team.

“Every semester is different,” Kiley Austin said. “There are a lot of changes here but I’m really excited for change; change is progressive.”

One of the major changes that junior and senior students in the district will benefit from is the “Forever a Lion” program.

Under the new program, launched in March 2018, all Greenville ISD students who earn a high school diploma will have a way to gain acceptance into Texas A&M University-Commerce.

Those in the top 25 percent of their class in terms of GPA will be guaranteed a spot, while those in lower quartiles will have to meet additional requirements.

“The biggest benefit I see with our connection with Texas A&M University-Commerce is that it’s right down the road,” said Heath Jarvis, principal of Greenville High School. “It helps out a lot of families financially to have their child go to college in the county. You’re still away from mom and dad, but you can come back and have Sunday-dinner.”

Greenville ISD has published a newsletter to help parents throughout the 2018-19 school year. The newsletter along with some helpful links from the school district can be found at the following link: (

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