Ain't Just Pie

The Greenville Farmers Market will be back in business again this morning, but it will be just a little longer before a planned restaurant opens as part of the market.

Robert and Shannon Foltz are still hard at work on the “Ain’t Just Pie” restaurant, which is the focus of an improvement project for the Farmers Market through the Greenville Board of Development/4A Corporation.

The couple are scheduled to present an update on the progress of the construction during the Board’s next session at 3 p.m. Monday in Suite 804 of the Paul Mathews Exchange Building, 2500 Stonewall Street.

Friday afternoon they were busy installing the desk outside the building at 2205 Lee Street, as well as with installations inside the restaurant’s future dining area.

Under an agreement reached in December 2013, the City of Greenville leased the Farmers Market to the Board of Development for five years, through December 2018, with an option for another five years. The agreement specified improvements would be made to the structure where “Ain’t Just Pie” is being built. The Board in turn would pay all utilities, taxes and fees associated with the property.

The Greenville Farmers Market will be open between 9 a.m. and noon each Saturday and is promising to offer the best seasonal, locally grown produce, including conventional and organic fruits and vegetables. A variety of other products is often available at the market.

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