Christie Roundtree, a resident of the Webb Hill community of Wolfe City, is the Republican candidate for the Hunt County Justice of the Peace Precinct 3 position. She is currently serving as the chief court clerk for Hunt County Precinct 4 JP David McNabb. Learn more about Roundtree at her campaign website.

Herald-Banner Q&A with Christie Roundtree

Question 1: Please summarize your background and accomplishments as a businessperson, civic leader, and/or elected official

ANSWER: I have been working in a Justice of the Peace office for 23 years. In October 2003 I became a State Certified Chief Justice Court Clerk. As Chief Clerk I over see the administration of the office and employees. I am proud to say during these 23 years I have amassed over 350 hours of training through the Texas Justice Court Training Center related to the Justice Court / Justice of the Peace Office. I also attend every “Legislative Update” to keep up with the latest laws and regulations. 

Q2: Please specifically describe your goals and top priorities if you are elected.

ANSWER: Since the previous Justice of the Peace resigned earlier this year it is my goal to restore this office with excellent service to Hunt County. With my knowledge and background I will be looking to increase case fillings, improve the countywide computer system setup for the office and work with all local law enforcement, JP’s and other elected officials.

Q3: What do you see as the most challenging role(s) of a JP, and in what way are you uniquely or most qualified for that role?

ANSWER: A Justice of the Peace has two roles. They are a Magistrate and a Judge. A Magistrate sets bonds, holds administrative hearings, handles juvenile magistration and signs emergency detention orders (mental health). A Judge handles civil proceedings with a maximum of $10,000 for evictions, small claims and debt claims. Also holds Class C criminal court for traffic cases and other Class C offenses, such as public intoxication, assault family violence and disorderly conduct to name a few. These are the most challenging roles for a Justice of the Peace. With my 23 years of experience, training, and knowledge of the latest laws and legislative changes I understand each of these roles. All this knowledge makes me the most qualified candidate for this office.

Q4: What, if anything, do you plan to bring to the position of JP that it has lacked (or needed more of) previously? 

ANSWER: I plan to be a team player among other JP’s, elected officials and law enforcement. I will have an open door policy for the citizens and will always be available. I will be active with the communities that I serve and provide a good service to this precinct. I look forward to serving the citizens of Hunt County.

Q5: What do you want voters to know about you that you do not believe they may be aware of?

ANSWER: With this many years of service I have worked half my life as a JP clerk. I am 45. I have had some great experiences and gained valuable knowledge working with six different JP’s during my tenure. I have many Judge friends across the State of Texas, which provides me a lot of valuable resources. I also have a great working relationship with the staff at the Texas Justice Court training center. I have been so fortunate to be involved with people at this level. All of this will help me going forward. I would appreciate your vote and support for Christie Rounder, JP3.

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