A 20-year resident of Hunt County, Steven M. Harrison is a military veteran who was born and raised on his family’s dairy farm. He is a graduate of the FBI National Academy and is a police officer in Commerce. Harrison has served on the North Texas Council of Governments and lives in Commerce with his wife, Amanda Haddock Harrison, and their children.

Herald-Banner Q&A with Steven M. Harrison


Question 1: Please summarize your background and accomplishments as a businessperson, civic leader, and/or elected official.

ANSWER: I am a proud Military Veteran that served our Country in the US Army.  I have over 20 years of police experience, and I am still a current police officer.  I held the positions of Jailer, Police Officer, Sergeant, Lieutenant, and Assistant Police Chief. I was also the Emergency Management Coordinator for over 10 years. I am a graduate of the 2006 FBINA 224th session. I served on the NCTCOG for emergency management. I am also certified in the field for Hazmat, and certified as a HAM operator. I have proposed budgets for the police department and emergency management department.  

Q2: Please specifically describe your goals and top priorities if you are elected. 

ANSWER: One of the first priorities is this get a County Judge in place for our County.  This needs to be done so we as a County can push forward with the growth that our County is and will be experiencing.  I also want to make sure that we have a clear plan in place to bring our roads back up to where they need to be.  I know this takes money, but it also takes the dedication of your commissioner and crew to make sure we are out doing this.  

Q3: How do you propose the county manage the effects of growth in the county, in terms of economic development helping boost the county’s revenues and the influx of new residents increasing demands on law enforcement, fire departments and roads?

ANSWER: When new residents move into the county we have a few things to think about. Unemployment rates, taxes, property values, and more are all on a moving scale. One thing that I think could help is bringing in more businesses. Tax abatements for new businesses looking to come into Hunt County is something I would support.  This allows for increased jobs and revenue from the increased business. It helps put Hunt County back to work and that should be a top priority of everyone. We also can’t forget to support our current businesses and to ensure we keep them progressing. I can assure all the citizens of Hunt County that, as a US Army Veteran and with over 20 years in law enforcement, my decisions will be heavily influenced by what I can do to support first responders.    

Q4: A new Hunt County Judge will have to be appointed at the start of next year.  Do you personally have anyone in mind you plan to nominate for the position?  If so, who, and why do you feel that person would be good for the job? 

ANSWER: I do not have anyone personally in mind for this position.  I have been advised that there are a few qualified individuals that have shown interest in this position.  Judge John Horn was a hardworking, man of integrity.  Replacing him will be no easy task, he has done a tremendous job for our County.  We need to make sure the new Judge will carry on with a lot of the same interest, goals and dedication that Judge Horn had.  

Q4: A new Hunt County Judge will have to be appointed at the start of next year.  Do you personally have anyone in mind you plan to nominate for the position?  If so, who, and why do you feel that person would be good for the job? 

ANSWER: I do not have any one particular person in mind for the County Judge’s position at this time.  I know there are several people that would be qualified for this position. This is a decision that the Commissioner’s Court will need to work together to make.  This is also an extremely important decision that will have a lasting impact on the county, but I feel confident that if elected, I will work with the other members of the Commissioner’s Court to make a sound decision for the citizens of Hunt County. 

Q5: Hunt County is now without a driver’s license office. What specifically do you propose that the County Commission and/or Judge should do to address this? 

ANSWER: As a growing county, we need a driver’s license office.  There was not one single day you could walk in and it was not packed.  I am not for sure what all the reasons were that we are now without one.  Without knowing all the specific details, I can not specify exactly what we need to or can do to get one back.  However I do believe this needs to be a priority for the new County Judge and Commissioner’s Court to look into how we can get a driver’s license office back.  

Q6: Do you believe the current projects in the Hunt County Transportation Plan are sufficient, or are there other roads or transportation projects you feel need to be addressed (please describe any)? 

ANSWER: I have looked through a lot of the current projects that are in the Plan.  It looks to me that there has been a lot of good hard work has been put in place so far on these plans.  I personally have not examined everything, so I would like the opportunity to review them and hear the feedback before I can say they are sufficient enough.  There are ALWAYS roads and transportations needs that need to be addressed all the way down to a county road.  Hunt County is a growing area, we need to make sure that we are capable of handling the extra traffic.  However, we CAN NOT forget about our county roads as well.  

Q7: What do you want voters to know about you that you do not believe they may be aware of? 

ANSWER: I am married to a very hard working and dedicated nurse, and we are raising three young boys here in Commerce.  I was raised on my family’s dairy farm in Sulphur Bluff.  My father instilled dedication, pride and hard work into me at an early age.  I have carried that with me to this day.  I have served our great Country, I have served my community, and I want to serve our County.   

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