As most everyone can attest during this COVID-19 pandemic, reporting the coronavirus news can get a bit, let’s say, testy at times.

What do we mean? Let us explain.

We try to keep a daily tracker for our readers of the total number of cases in our respective county. We add in a few other details as we receive them, such as how many tests have been conducted in the county, how many deaths have resulted from the virus, how many people have been admitted to hospitals and how many people have recovered from the deadly disease.

We don’t make these numbers up. They come from verified sources who are in charge of providing this information to the general public. Sometimes the numbers are off because a person is switched from one category to another. It happens.

We do ask that you bear with us on these numbers. When changes are submitted to us from the powers that be, we make those changes. The pandemic is something not many of us have dealt with before. It’s not an exact science and we are all on a learning curve.

We have received messages from residents who believe we hold the weekend numbers (Saturday and Sunday) until Monday and then report them together so we can “put a scare” into people to make them think numbers are worse than they are.

We publish the numbers as we get them and have no reason to “put a scare” into our readers. We are simply trying to provide you with information. One reader suggested we also stack the numbers “to get sensational headlines” out of the pandemic.

Believe us, the last thing we want is to report larger numbers of COVID-19 victims.

On another note, when the numbers level off for a couple of days, we are ecstatic at the Herald-Banner offices. Writing story after story on the pandemic is monotonous. We’d much rather be writing feature stories on amazing people in our community or publishing photos of events like graduations, parades, etc.

Shockingly to us, it has been suggested we shouldn’t be reporting the numbers when they don’t change. That, again, we are trying to grab headlines and sell papers. That one, quite plainly, is confusing to us. We see reporting no numbers or low numbers of COVID-19 victims as a great thing and newsworthy.

It’s kind of a danged if you do, danged if you don’t scenario. But we are going to continue to report it both ways and it’s not about headlines or selling newspapers. It’s about informing the community of how this terrible disease is playing out right here in Hunt County.

We are living in tense times and people are on edge. We get that. As a business, we’re trying to survive like every other small business in Greenville and Hunt County. It’s been a struggle for us, but we are all in this together.

If you have some great story ideas, send them our way. We’d love to share them with our readers. If it’s a story related to the pandemic or not, it doesn’t matter to us. Maybe you are a COVID-19 survivor who wants to share your story with others, or maybe you know of a person, community or group that has risen above all of the turmoil and is helping others.

In our opinion, we can’t get enough good news right now. We hope you feel the same way.


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