Hunt Regional Healthcare COVID-19 status

Hunt Regional Healthcare CEO Ricard Carter provided an update Friday afternoon of the Hunt County hospital’s COVID-19 status.

“Today, Hunt Regional Medical Center has a total patient census of 163 with 69 of these patients COVID+,” Carter said. “For today our ICU has 25 total patients with 16 COVID+ and 11 on ventilators. The Greenville ER currently has eight patients waiting for available inpatient beds. None of these eight patients need to be admitted to the ICU.”

Carer said requests for COVID-19 testing are trending downward.

“Yesterday about 300 COVID tests were performed in Greenville and Quinlan at our facilities with a 23% positive test rate,” Carter said.

However, there have been changes in how monoclonal antibody infusion centers can provide their services.

“Due to a national shortage of Regeneron, the monoclonal antibody medication, the state has rescinded our ability to order directly from the manufacturer,” Carter said. “We will now receive an allocation from the state and we must prioritize the doses for those at highest risk.”

To be considered for this medication you must meet the following criteria: Age 65 and older,  Age 55 and older AND have cardiovascular disease OR hypertension OR COPD/other chronic respiratory disease, Have chronic kidney disease, BMI greater than 35,  Immunosuppressive disease or immunosuppressive treatment,  Diabetes or  Pregnancy.

“As you can see we have maintained a pretty steady COVID+ number of patients this week and we are hoping for an improvement in the near future,” Carter said. “To help us accomplish this please consider getting vaccinated and mask up when needed.”

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