Mobile food pantry at Crossroads Church

To help with need in the community as many have been out of work, Greenville’s Crossroads Church is hosting another “disaster relief mobile food pantry” on Wednesday, May 27.

This will be the church’s second mobile food pantry event, the first of which was conducted on May 6 and served about 300 cars worth of families.

Those requiring food assistance will be able to begin lining up at the church at 1501 E. Joe Ramsey Blvd. (next to the Majestic 12 Movie Theater) at 9:30 a.m., but distribution won’t begin until 10 a.m. and will continue until noon.

The food distribution event was organized by the church in partnership with the North Texas Food Bank and the Texas National Guard. Personnel and volunteers with North Texas Food Bank and the National Guard will be the ones handling the actual distribution Wednesday.

The procedure to receive food assistance at the disaster relief mobile food pantry will be as follows:

• Clients must remain in their vehicles throughout the event, to practice social distancing.

• Drivers will be given a form to fill out that will ask for their name, address, monthly income and the number of people in their household.

• If picking up food for another family, drivers will need to have available an ID card or a utility bill in that family’s name.

• Once the form is filled out, while still waiting in line, the driver is to place it face-up on the dashboard for easier visibility.

• The form will be photographed through the windshield by those manning the distribution.

• If the trunk of the vehicle can be opened from the inside, the driver should open the trunk so that the food can be placed inside. For those with vehicles whose trunks can’t be opened from the inside, members of the National Guard will place the food boxes on top of the trunk or hood of the vehicle and ask the client to slowly drive forward, and out of the line, before getting out of the vehicle to transfer the food into the trunk.

Travis Hairgrove is a news reporter and features writer at the Herald-Banner and covers city government for many municipalities in Hunt County. To reach him outside of business hours, email

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