Two voting precincts in the City of Greenville supported President-elect Barack Obama in the 2008 General Election, while the remaining nine supported Republican candidate John McCain.

The majority of voters in Precinct 106A, where a total of 741 ballots were cast, favored Obama by a slim margin, with 364 for Obama, and 361 for McCain. Voters in Precinct 106A cast their ballots at Iglesia Bautista Hispana Ridgecrest, located at 5400 Joe Ramsey.

Obama had the strongest showing of supporters in Precinct 435A, where Obama received 76.09 percent of the votes. A total of 924 ballots were cast in Precinct 435A, with 700 for Obama, and 207 for McCain. Precinct 435A encompasses a densely populated section of Northern Greenville. The polling location for Precinct 435A was the Reecy Davis Recreation Center, located at 4320 Lee Street.

McCain had the strongest showing in Precinct 212A, where out of a total of 2,008 ballots cast, the Republican candidate received 1,500 votes, or 75.04 percent of the vote. Obama received 482 votes, or 24.11 percent. The polling location for Precinct 212A was Southwood Christian Church, located at 1304 West Jack Finney.

Of the 29,524 voters that cast a ballot in Hunt County, 20,573, or 69.68 percent supported McCain, while 8,594, or 29.11 percent supported Obama.

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