A developer wanting to build a new, multi-family residential complex in south Greenville is hoping to lessen the impact of fees the city intends to collect on the project.

Duane May claims the more than $100,000 impact fee being assessed on the 100-unit development would amount to more than the benefit he would receive from the municipal services provided.

The City Council is scheduled to consider whether to grant an appeal of the fee during Tuesday’s regular session, starting at 6 p.m. in the Municipal Building, 2821 Washington Street. A work session is also set for 5 p.m. Tuesday.

The Council passed an impact fee ordinance in November, 2004, but the city did not begin receiving dividends until several months later.

Cities charge impact fees to developers to help defray the costs of infrastructure — such as roads and water and sewer lines — borne by the city in establishing subdivision projects.

Fees for the City of Greenville are being phased in gradually through 2009. No fees were charged for the first year after the ordinance was adopted and only limited amounts of impact fees were paid last year.

The revenue collected by the fees draws interest until it is spent on a project. The fees have to be used to provide infrastructure within 10 years of their collection, or else they revert back to the developer.

May is proposing to construct his development at the southwest corner of Jack Finney Boulevard and Clearview Lane, an area of Greenville which has seen rapid growth during the past few years.

Under the current fee structure, the specific impact fees for the development would be $40,800 for water; $33,600 for wastewater; and $28,611 for roads, for an overall impact fee on the project of $103,011, or $1,030.11 per unit.

May is appealing the levying of the impact fee under a section of the ordinance, claiming the amount of the fee is not in proportion to the benefit received by the development.

It is the first case of an appeal of the impact fee ordinance reaching the City Council for a decision.

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